Our vision was revealed to us on one of our many trips to Jamaica, on January 24, 2014. My husband and I stopped for a bite to eat at a roadside hut on or way to Negril from Montego Bay. There were a few little boys standing around watching us and I began to rummage through my luggage to hand out clothing that my own children had outgrown as well as a few toys and trinkets. The children were so happy with such a simple gift. Their smiles penetrated my heart and their hugs melted my soul. On this particular trip, I overheard one of the boys asking my Jamaican friend if we had any footballs (soccer balls) for him. The boy was polite enough not to ask us directly but to ask a Jamaican elder- who informed the boy that we did not have any balls with us. He quietly put a smile on his face and carried on. I am so glad I overheard the conversation because all children deserve to have something as simple as a ball. I made it my mission to at least find a ball during that week so I could deliver it to this boy on our way back to the airport. 

We had a wonderful week. I went to church to worship with my friends on my second day of my trip. The sermon was about children- and how we are to care for them. I left there knowing it was my duty and calling to help these children. 

A week went by and we were nearing the end of our trip. We could not find a single soccer ball for this child in any store. Our hearts was touched and we were saddened that these children were denied the simple pleasure of a ball to play with.

My husband and I came home from that trip and decided we could not let this child down. We would find him a ball... 

The Irie Child is founded by Chris & Mandy Fox of Fox Plumbing & Water Care with the purpose of providing awareness and raising funds for the children of Jamaica. Our first endeavor is raising funds to provide Jamaican pickney (children) with soccer balls.

A game of soccer- with one ball- will provide 22 children an opportunity to play, laugh, and smile... to develop social skills and friendships. It is our vision and goal to provide these children with something so simple, yet powerful enough to keep them off the streets and away from sex, drugs and gang activity. So many of these children are broken and need a positive influence in their life. We want to be the catalyst for this change. 

For every $15 raised, we will be able to provide one soccer ball for children in Jamaica. We personally promise and guarantee delivery of your ball to Jamaican children. 100% of the money raised will go towards purchasing these balls and transporting them to Jamaica annually. We will donate our time contacting and handing out these balls to orphanages, schools, and children on the streets. 

Your donation has the ability to impact children- maybe even more than you realize. 

Thank you for consideration and generosity. The children of Jamaica thank you. 

Bless & Love! 

Mandy & Chris Fox